Oh, It's Stinky.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Letter to Chuck Norris. Walker, Texas Ranger

Dear Mr. Norris,

I am a big fan of your show, Walker Texas Ranger. I wasn’t old enough to watch it on real TV, but I watch the reruns on the Hallmark Channel every night.

I think Walker was really ahead of everyone showing what a TV show with real American values should be like. My parents only let me watch the Hallmark Channel, but sometimes I get to go on a field trip with other home-schooled kids and we talk about TV shows and I still think yours is the best.

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. My dad teaches my conservative values politics at night. He is a huge fan of President Bush and really likes some of the leaders like Bill Frist and Tom Delay, but I am confused by some of the messages from Walker.

He was teaching me about homeless people and I said some stuff that I had seen on Walker and my dad got really mad and said I was wrong. I’ve seen the episode called “Lucky” about a homeless veteran who witnesses a murder and some of the homeless people you meet while undercover seem like they just got a bad break and being in a war messed them up. I told my dad that most of the homeless might be veterans who are forgotten, but he said they are probably liberals who wounded themselves to get out of the war early, and they don’t deserve any handouts.

At the end of another episode called Mean Streets, where you had to go undercover because a gang of rich kids was beating up homeless people, Asst District Attorney Alex Cahill says that it’s too bad the government spends all their money on foreign stuff when they should be helping homeless people, but my dad says that is not a policy that conservatives believe in, and that they don’t need help from the government, they need to get off their butts and work like the rest of us.

My dad says your message is outdated and someone should take those episodes off the air. He says that you coddle minorities and you wear a wig.
Now he won’t let me watch Walker anymore, but maybe if you could answer me he might change his mind.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

People who could be doing more to support President Bush, part 1

The President has one of Kenny's cruddy songs on his IPOD, but did old ass Kenny put out a Pro Iraq War song? No. He didn't.